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the test setup

The Test Set-up: Interactive Magnetic Oscillations

The current design of the set-up is based on a magnetic interaction where one body interacts with a second and third body.

  • The first body (4) on shaft 1 is a magnetic drive driven by motor (3).
  • The second body (5) on shaft 2 is a Magnetic Torque and Speed Enhancement Device.
  • The third body (6) is a Magnetic Oscillation Device that amplifies the interaction between the first body (4) and second body (5).
  • There are two rotational torque sensors on two shafts (Futek Advanced Sensor Technology Inc.).
  • Each sensor (1) (2) is mated to an evaluation instrument (Kistler Como Torque 4700).
  • Each instrument is connected with RS 232 to an individual Computer.
  • The Data Acquisition System and software to analyze and record the Sensors is provided by DATAQ Instruments, Inc.