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Kistler Sensors – The World Leaders

Kistler is one of the world's leading suppliers of pressure, force, torque and acceleration sensors, as well as the related electronics and software.


Kistler Sensors – a host of applications

In automotive R&D, Kistler sensors are used for engine development and for the optimization of vehicle safety, driving characteristics and comfort. In manufacturing industry, Kistler products serve to monitor and control machining and forming processes, as well as to ensure quality assurance on the assembly line. In plastics processing, Kistler cavity pressure sensors help to maintain consistent quality and to optimize production processes. In biomechanics, Kistler measuring platforms supply vital data for gait analysis and for helping athletes to reach their full potential.

Sensors for extreme conditions

At one end of the spectrum, piezoelectric and piezo resistive pressure sensors serve to measure minute changes in air pressure. At the other, they provide data on the enormous pressures that arise, for example, in explosive combustion processes. Similarly, force sensors based on piezoelectric or strain gauge technology permit measurements ranging from forces  in the milli newton range  on small switches up to forces in the meganewton range on industrial presses. Finally, piezoelectric and capacitive acceleration sensors are capable of measuring not only minutely small frequencies in the micro-g range (e.g. on buildings) but also shocks generating accelerations of up to 100 000 g.